Criteria for Selection, Examination & Syllabus.

(i)       The scheme of marks in respect of selection to the posts shall comprise of total

100 marks, as detailed below:

Sr. No. Subject Marks
1. Written Exam 90
2. Socio-Economic criteria and experience 10

(ii)        The 90 marks of written examination shall be divided into to parts comprising:- a)  75%  weightage  for  General  Awareness,  Reasoning,  Maths,  Science, Computer, English, Hindi and concerned or relevant subject, as applicable.

b)  25% weightage for History, Current Affairs, Literature, Geography, Civics,

Environment, Culture etc. of Haryana.

(iii)  The 10 marks for socio-economic criteria and experience  shall be allocated as follows:

a.      if neither  the applicant nor any person from among the applicant’s family viz father, mother, spouse, brother, and Son is, was or has been a regular employee in any Department/Board/Corporation/Company/Statutory Body/Commission/Authority  of  Government of Haryana or any  other State Government or Government of India.
b.        if the applicant is:- i)       a widow; or (5 marks )

(ii)      the  first  or  the  second  child  and  his  father  had  died  before attaining the age of 42 years: or

(iii)    the first or the second child and his father had died before the

applicant had attained the age of 15 years,”. (5 marks)

c.        If the applicant belongs to such a denotified tribe  (Vimukt Jatis and Tapriwas Jatis) or Nomadic tribe of the State of Haryana which is neither a Scheduled Caste nor a Backward Class. (5 marks)

d. Experience:

One-half (=0.5) mark for each year or part thereof exceeding six month of

experience, out of a maximum of sixteen years, on the same or a higher post in any Department/Board/Corporation/Company/Statutory Body/Commission/ Authority of Government of Haryana. No marks shall be awarded for any period less than six months.

(A maximum of 8 marks)

Note:- No applicant shall be given more than 10 marks for socio economic criteria and experience under any circumstances.


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